Butterflies and Beetles of Argentina

Mariposas y Escarabajos de Argentina

Cetoniinae de Argentina

Inca clathrata (Olivier,1792)

Known from Misiones and Salta.


Inca bomplandi

Misiones Prov.


Euphoria lurida (Fabricius,1775)

Adulto/Adult - 10mm.  Active from September to April. Polinator of local Orchids

and an important pest of fruits. Photographed at Los-Cocos, Cordoba Prov.

Dist - B.A., Cordoba,Corrientes, Mendoza, Tucuman, Catamarca. also distributed

around Brazil, Paraguay and probably Uruguay.


Gymnetis litigiosa (Gory and Percheron, 1833)

Dist - Cordoba, B.A.


Gymnetis pudibunda (Burmeister,1866)

Dist - B.A., Tucuman.

(I suspect that specie above is actually G.cincta, if you have genitalia drawing or any other

information regarding Argentinean Cetoniidae please let me know).


Not yet been identify. Was collected at Capilla del Monte, Cordoba Prov.


Hoplopyga liturata (Olivier,1789)

Dist - Chaco


Marmarina (Gymnetis) tigrina (Gory and Percheron, 1833)

Dist - B.A., Entre Rios, Cordoba, San Luis, Mendoza, Catamarca, Tucuman, Misiones.


Gymnetis chalcipes (Gory & Perch,1833)

Dist - La Plata


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